Common Vampire and Zombie Collection Film in Atlanta

A few little Georgia neighborhoods about the outskirts of the Atlanta metro area give you the controls for 2 popular TV series. Travelers come to community in hopes of catching a look of the actual filming and to determine the true to life landmarks they recognize from the shows. The CW Network’s The Vampire Diaries videos in Covington, Georgia, found about 30-minutes east of Atlanta. The AMC string The Walking Dead has filmed 40 miles southwest of Atlanta in Senoia and other small cities. 

The Walking Dead comic and tv movies to the other aspect of the Atlanta metro area in the ancient town of Senoia. Zombies have roamed the roads of Senoia and other regional areas including Haralson and Grantville. These neighborhoods are found 40 minutes southwest of Atlanta off I-85. Senoia isn’t any stranger to the film business. Additional destinations in your community happen to be utilized in more than 20 productions, including the current remake of Footloose and the TV show Drop-dead Diva. Atlanta Movie Tours provide two ‘Big Zombie Tours’ that take visitors to places highlighted in previous seasons of The Walking Dead. Grantville Mayor Jim Sells brings free tours of zombie websites in his town around the weekends. 

Town has learned to capitalize on its recognizable landmarks, pleasing travelers who want to examine the downtown area. Vampire themed merchandise is carried by many shops as a jerk to the current Vampire Diaries sequence. The Covington/Newton Visitors Center gives atlases and information on walking travels showing 36 picture destinations in your community. A personal tour corporation provides a mix walking/bus tour of filming places in its ‘Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tour.’ Expedition seats are $55, and information can be acquired from your Visitors Center. 

Covington, Georgia becomes the area of Mystic Falls, Virginia for The Vampire Diaries. Series figures Stefan and Damon are skeletons who are deeply in love with exactly the same woman, Elena. Real life sites in town have been conspicuously included inside the series as the Lockwood Mansion, the Gilbert House, and the Mystic Falls Cemetery. The fictional Mystic Falls Courthouse is in fact the Newton County Courthouse, a stone construction relationship to 1884 having a distinctive clock tower. The site of the Mystic Grill within the string is being converted right into a real restaurant.


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